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chart your course and eliminate obstacles that get in the way of achieving business objectives

Ignoring marketplace reality, facts, and assumptions is one of the biggest strategic planning mistakes.



Gone of are the days when effective strategies are conceived inside the four walls of a conference room.

In today's competitive and crowded markets, effective strategies require outside-in data and insights to be effective.

That's why we harvest un-filtered marketplace and competitive information to supply input to your executive team. It's an 'outside-in' approach to challenge and validate assumptions, dilute organizational biases, assess alternatives, and provide insights not otherwise available.


Outside-in Research

Sometimes what you don't know is more importance than what you do know. Outside-in services provide primary and secondary research to bring fact-based and unfiltered information into your organization about competition, market forces, and customer behavior.


Another set of eyes

Other times you may not see the forest for the trees (it's like corporate myopia).  It's easy to be too close to the situation and not necessarily see things as they really are.  That's when outside-in services provides another set of eyes with the objectivity to see things you might other wise be missing or mis-interpreting.


A fresh perspective 

Complacency is a common trap companies often fall into without realizing it. New opportunities are easily overlooked, and if uncovered may not get a fair evaluation. Because outside-in experts aren't encumbered by existing company cultures, they can assist management teams in breaking out of the status-quo to reach the company's full potential.  


Challenge sacred cows

Organizational practices that inhibit revenue growth are often flying under the radar of management oversight.  It takes an outside expert to identify, challenge, and provide an impact analysis of these practices while providing stakeholders with viable alternatives. 


Organizational alignment

Functional units within an organization have objectives tied to their specific responsibilities. They view the market through different lenses often not seeing the same thing. Outside-in services are an effective way to provide a common view of the market and achieve organizational consensus ensuring the company's value chain is tightly integrated.  



Strategic Planning Workshops

Identify opportunities, challenge assumptions, provide an environment for creative brainstorming and uncover blind spots along with faulty assumptions.


Market and Competitor Research

Primary and secondary research to fill knowledge gaps identified during the workshops.  Industry, market and competitor intelligence is brought into your company.


Analysis and Prioritization

Scenarios are formulated to evaluate alternative courses of action and options that may exist. These scenarios are ranked and prioritized based on risk/return and feasibility.


Plan and


Once final recommendations have been vetted, an operational plan is prepared.  Tactics are defined and an actionable road map is prepared to guide execution.  

We solve tough business development problems with growth strategies created using a proven methodology to help companies grow.


Gateway to Growth

Discover how four sustainable strategies

are used to unlock hidden growth 

opportunities for your company.

A fast-paced, results-oriented program to identify, evaluate, and design executable key growth strategies specifically designed for your organization. 


conventional wisdom and assumptions which no longer holds true, but which still guides business strategy

Blind spots, faulty assumptions and incomplete/incorrect information can easily derail a strategic plan and its execution. Blind spots are found in every organization. They obstruct visibility into competition, market forces, customer behavior, and even internal practices. Many things get in the way of effective strategic planning and tactical execution without notice until it’s too late.  There are many reasons, among which are:

Seeing things as you would like them to be rather that how they really are


Faulty assumptions that inhibit the success of go to market plans


Gaps in go to market plans that weaken results


Organizational practices that are counter-productive to reaching goals


Sacred cows that guide ineffective execution  

We uncover blind spots that inhibit your revenue growth

Harvester Blind Spot Analysis

We challenge every aspect of your go to market plan including assumptions

and business practices.


Look at things through another set of eyes 

Challenge and test assumptions driving your go to market plans 

Bring objective, unfiltered information into your organization about competition, market forces, and

customer behavior 

Identify critical go to market practices and objectively assess their effectiveness

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