the most overlooked element of business growth

Has your company fallen into the differentiation trap?
The differentiation trap is real and it's dangerous. What's worse is that nearly every company will fall into it at some point in time.  The consequences are devastating but they can be easily avoided.  All it takes is "another set of eyes" with the objectivity along with the tools and research to see things as they really are.

So what is the trap?  It may be complacency or it may be obstructed vision, but there are 3 traps you may fall into.

Harvester Competitive Analysis and Market Positioning:
We conduct primary and secondary research to complete an unbiased analysis of your competitive positioning in the market.  We begin by profiling your company, products, and services, and then go into the marketplace to conduct primary and secondary research.


With fact-based data we test and measure the effectiveness of your competitive differentiation and    
develop an actionable plan to leverage or improve your differentiation

Strategic Planning Workshops

Identify opportunities, challenge assumptions, provide an environment for creative brainstorming and uncover blind spots along with faulty assumptions.

Market and Competitor Research

Conduct primary and secondary research to fill knowledge gaps. Industry, market and competitor intelligence is brought into your company.

Analysis and


Evaluate scenarios and alternative courses of action that may exist.  Rank scenarios and prioritize based on risk/return and feasibility.


and execute

Vet final recommendations and prepare an operational plan. Tactics are defined and an actionable road map is developed to guide and monitor execution.  

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